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Benefits of Commercial Building Cleaning

Owning your own commercial building has historically been a great investment. Since your commercial building is the public face of your company you have good reason to keep up with its exterior appearance. Your commercial building also represents a significant investment so there is good motivation to maintain the structure in the best condition possible to reduce expensive repairs. Commercial Building Cleaning Jacksonville FLGiven the corrosive and sometimes extreme nature of the climate here in the Jacksonville FL area, exterior building cleaning is an important concern for businesses. After all, salty sea air mixed with high moisture and humidity promotes one thing – deterioration!

Protect Your Building From The Elements

 Everyday your commercial building is under attack from elements that will eventually corrode and damage any surface. From the rain, intense heat, sunlight, freezing temperatures and even the salt in the Jacksonville air your commercial building never gets a break. Without proper building cleaning and pressure washing, these elements will eventually cause damage to your building’s exterior. A damaged or poorly maintained exterior costs you money to repair and can also hurt your businesses reputation in the community costing your clients and employee moral (who wants to work in a dirty building?).

Jacksonville’s Leader In Commercial Building Washing

 With commercial building washing (or pressure washing, if you will) Atlantic Coastal Cleaning makes maintaining your commercial building exterior easy. Our commercial building pressure washing service thoroughly removes all dirt and contaminants from your commercial building, helping to prolong the life of the construction materials and reducing your overall cost of ownership. At Atlantic Coastal Cleaning, we provide professional, cost-effective, eco-friendly solutions for business owners with store fronts and retail entry ways.  Let us show you why having a clean business is good business! We provide a complete range of exterior cleaning and maintenance services to keep your place of business looking its very best all year round! Call or contact us today to request your free estimate. (904) 207-2358

Our Professional Commercial Business Services include:

  • Building Exterior Washing
  • Storefront Cleaning
  • Hot Water Concrete Cleaning
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Chewing Gum removal & more!

Serving many properties:

  • Restaurants & Stores
  • Shopping Centers
  • Gas/Service Stations
  • Office Buildings
  • Banks
  • & many more!
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