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Efficiently Cleaning Your Screen Enclosure

Screen Enclosure Cleaning Jacksonville FLScreened-in enclosures are a great outdoor option for many homes and families. Quite often, you will see screened enclosures on the back porch, front porch, or near recreational areas such as a pool or clubhouse. This widespread use of screen enclosure areas speaks to the dual-comfort they achieve: fresh air, a light insect and weather barrier, comfort, and unrestricted view and sound transfer.

It Will Get Dirty

Unfortunately though, and as with all things in life, cleaning is an inevitable part of the maintenance of screen enclosure areas. Screen enclosure cleaning is necessary because of the greatly unpreventable accumulation of dirt, mold and mildew growth, dander, bacteria, allergens, and more. This area is not only perfect for you, but it also perfect for all of these hazardous elements. When screen enclosure cleaning is neglected or not thorough enough, the area can become quite unhealthy for people and pets alike.

So What’s the Best Way To Clean It?

Over the years, people have come up with an amazing range of ways to clean their screened-in enclosures in order to maintain them. From mop buckets and sprays to leaf blowers, it has all been tried. So what is the best, most efficient and thorough way to clean a screen enclosure?

Solution: Pressure Washing

Pressure washing has proven to be the overall most efficient and effective, deep-cleaning method for screened-in enclosures. This is because water pressure, outdoor soaps, and temperature can all be controlled and combined by a pressure washer to deeply penetrate all surfaces better than anything else can. If your goal is to completely sanitize and clear all surfaces of embedded allergens, dirt, and microbial matter, then call or contact Atlantic Coastal Cleaning, your Jacksonville FL pressure washing experts, today to schedule your Screened Enclosure Cleaning. (904) 207-2358
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