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Get Rid Of Graffiti

Graffiti Removal Service Jacksonville FLGraffiti is one of those things that can hold different meanings to different people. To the perpetrators, graffiti can be territorial markings or simple mischief. To the police and government officials it can be a brazen act of rebellion or a sign of coming trouble. To potential customers of a business “tagged” by graffiti it can signify an unsafe environment, one which they might want to avoid. To business owners graffiti is a headache and bad for business. It is best to have graffiti removed as soon as the act occurs so as to not invite other “tags” on your building. What is the most efficient and cost effective way to remove graffiti?

Pressure Washing Away Graffiti

There are various types of do-it-yourself graffiti removal products on the market today. The majority of these use extremely harsh chemicals to accomplish the task. The danger in these products is that they tend to damage many different types of surfaces and can permanently “burn-in” graffiti ghosts (whitewashed outline of the graffiti pattern). Pressure washing has proven itself to be an efficient and cost effective means to remove graffiti. At Atlantic Coastal Cleaning, our graffiti removal experts have years of experience and know how to completely remove all traces of graffiti without damaging the surface that it lies upon.

Don’t Let Your Reputation Be Ruined

When graffiti occurs it is shocking and upsetting. The worst thing a business owner can do is delay in having it removed. Each day that the graffiti is present hurts your business. Customers notice graffiti and some will stay away wondering why you haven’t had it removed yet. Other graffiti ‘artists’ notice it too. If graffiti is not removed promptly you could soon experience a graffiti ‘art show’ on the side of your building before you know it! Don’t let that happen to your building! Call or contact Atlantic Coastal Cleaning today to schedule graffiti removal service or simply request a free estimate. 904-207-2358

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