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Why Choose Low Pressure Cleaning

Low Pressure House Washing Jacksonville FL

In the past, people used high pressure house washing to keep the residence looking the best that it could. Things have changed now, and the better alternative to high pressure washing is actually soft washing or low pressure. The fact of the matter is that the high pressure wash can leave streaking on your siding, and it can also do some damage to parts of your home. The low pressure alternative allows for a better cleaning experience without streaking or worry. The low pressure idea also decreases the amount of water that is used to clean your home.  When you are ready to get your house cleaned, contact Atlantic Coastal Cleaning. This company uses soft washing techniques that will get your home immaculately clean without having to worry about streaking or damage to other portions of your home.

Create A Backyard Oasis



Summer is quickly approaching and now is the time to get your backyard in picnic ready shape. From your patio deck to the plush green lawn and fencing, you can complete a pleasant backyard oasis with a simple restoration and cleaning service. Atlantic Coastal Cleaning not only offers professional restoration services, but also provide deck and fence cleaning services that will convert your backyard into a relaxing and quaint getaway for the entire family.

If you want to conveniently transform your backyard just the way you want it, easy and hassle free, you can save time by hiring professionals to get the job done fast. You can count on Atlantic Coastal Cleaning to make sure your backyard comes to life just in time for summer fun.

Conveniently located in the Jacksonville area, you can work directly with a restoration team to create the backyard of your dreams and start outdoor living in style.

Need A New Roof? Not Necessarily

Your Roof Doesn't Have To Look Like This

Over time, asphalt shingle and barrel tile roofing can very easily become stained and streaked thanks to mold and mildew, as well as algae growth that are results from the sub-tropical climate that Jacksonville, Florida provides. This can easily be taken care of thanks to a specialized treatment offered by Atlantic Coastal Cleaning called No Pressure Roof Cleaning.

What Causes Mildew and Algae Growth to My Roof?
The main cause of mildew, mold, and algae growth is moisture. In Jacksonville, Florida there is plenty of that to go around. Thanks to Jacksonville’s climate, mildew and mold are commonly found on most types of roofs. If left alone and untreated, the molds and algae can become detrimental to the integrity of your roof, which will cause the need to
re-roof your home. Having the No Pressure Roof Cleaning done to your roof regularly will save you money, as well as time.

What Can Be Done About It?
Re-roofing your home is not the only option you have if these stains and streaks have appeared. Here at Atlantic Coastal Cleaning, we specialize in what is called No Pressure Roof Cleaning. We use a manufacturer approved cleaning method that uses an exceptional cleaner that breaks apart and dissolves the unsightly streaks and stains that the mildew and mold have left on your roof. Having your roof cleaned is a cost
effective way to have a brand new roof, without the extreme hole in your wallet. Act now and call Atlantic Coastal Cleaning today!

Professional Window Cleaning – A Cut Above Glass Cleaner and Paper Towels

Residential Window Cleaning

Tackling dirty windows is a springtime chore for most home and business owners. However, the basic combination of ammonia based cleaner and paper towels often leaves unattractive streaks on the glass. You may also have to climb a ladder to clean higher windows. This can be dangerous, and the overall process is very time consuming. If you have a busy schedule and can’t find time to keep the windows spotless, consider investing in professional assistance. A professional window cleaning  service is the safest and easiest way to keep your windows clear and clean.

You can improve the exterior and interior look of your home or business and save valuable time with these window cleaning services. Most windows go years or months without cleaning, which can leave sap and sticky resin hardened to the surface. Let our qualified team take care of these occasional cleaning tasks while you enjoy more natural light and a more beautiful view. Imagine having more free time to spend with your family or on your favorite hobbies without having to put up with dirty windows.

It is difficult for businesses with large windows to showcase their products with a dirty and smudged storefront. High traffic retails stores may need cleaning on a weekly or even daily basis. We can set up a recurring schedule to ensure your windows are always shining and spotless. Keeping your windows clean will ensure your business looks professional at all times. Don’t invest in another employee just to keep the glass clean when Atlantic Coastal Cleaning can take care of it for you.

Why Hire A Pressure Washer? Part Two: For Your Driveway

Its common for the driveway of residential and commercial buildings over the course of time to start to look shabby thanks to the accumulation of dirt, debris, grease and grime. “Why Hire a Pressure Washer? Part One: For Your Home” outlined the benefits of using Atlantic Coastal Cleaning for exterior building surfaces. Atlantic Coastal also specializes in providing professional pressure washer services for your driveway which also carries a number of important benefits.

No one wants to step out of their car in the driveway and onto a pile of old bubblegum, a puddle of oil or a grease stain that can ruin their shoes or be tracked inside the building. Professional pressure washing services provides a clean and safe driveway surface. Having a spotless driveway that looks like new increases the attractive appearance of the entire property and enhances curb appeal that is very important as a reflection that the home or business is being properly cared for and maintained. Beautiful curb appeal is also important when a home or office building is up for sale.

If not removed on a regular basis, driveway debris can break down the surface of the driveway, causing pockmarks and ruts that can eventually turn into major cracks. Pressure washing services from Atlantic Coastal Cleaning can prevent the development of damages that require expensive repairs and can extend the lifespan of your driveway. In addition, the services of a professional pressure washer can remove any collection of pollen, allergens and bacteria that can be tracked into the building and compromise the health and safety of its occupants.Driveway Cleaning Jacksonville FL

Why Hire A Professional Pressure Washer to Clean Your Home

clean houseA pressure washer is not a garden hose that’s been turned on full blast! It’s a powerful and dangerous gas, diesel or electric powered machine that can deliver water or water and sand at several thousands pounds per square inch. This means it’s too powerful to be used to clean most windows without shattering them, for instance.

A pressure washer is best used by a professional!

A pressure washer can be used to quickly remove mold and mildew, dirt and grime and old paint from hard surfaces. Some pressure washers are so powerful that they are used to cut concrete and metals. Pressure washers, like garden hoses, can have different types of nozzles depending on the job that needs to be done. Other pressure washers are capable of using detergent to provide extra cleaning power. Some kinds of pressure washers, called hydrojets, can be used to blast tough clogs out of sewer drains. As a home owner that is fully involved in the value and quality of your home, contacting a professional pressure washing company is the best option and will ensure that the job is done correctly the FIRST time!

Contact Atlantic Coastal Cleaning to handle the machinery and complete the job in a way that’s thorough and safe!

Can’t See Past The Dirt On Your Windows?

Residential Window CleaningWindows are an important part of a home, condominium or apartment. Clean windows present a building in a better light, when viewed from the outside. Clean windows are an indication of the effort spent on proper maintenance for that particular building.

From an interior point of view, windows are still very important. Windows help keep out cold weather, wind and debris. Clean windows allow healthy natural sunlight into a room. Humans get need sun for mental and physical well being. When sunlight is reduced, any time of the year, some people have problems with depression. Spring and summer sunlight is especially important to brighten up a home, after a long cold winter.

These days the majority of homes have two parents working. That means the time for tasks around the home is limited. It is extremely difficult for a homeowner to find the time to do such a task. In addition, cleaning windows is not always an easy or safe task to perform. With two incomes needed to support most families, can either parent afford to be injured cleaning the outside of windows on the home?

Fortunately there are service oriented window cleaning companies, such as Atlantic Coastal Cleaning, that can take care of these window cleaning tasks. Atlantic Coastal Cleaning has professional window cleaners experienced at cleaning any type of window in your home. Regardless of where the window may be they have the knowledge, equipment and experience to get the job done quickly and safely.

Is Your Pool Ready For Warmer Weather?

Cleaning the PoolAlthough pools are much better ideas for areas of the world where the sun is out and the temperature is high for the entire year, most of the pool owners in the world actually live in areas where the temperature will get a bit too cold during the winter. Anyone who owns a pool in this type of area should know exactly what I am talking about, and they should also know that they need to take care of the pool during the offseason if they are going to be able to use it when summer rolls around. When it is about to be summer again and the temperature is starting to rise, it’s important to clean and prepare the pool for the new season of swimming in the backyard. Although some people like to try to prepare their pools on their own, it is usually necessary to call in a professional after the long cold season. A company such as Atlantic Coastal Cleaning can help pool owners with whatever they need to get their pool ready for pool parties and family weekends over the summer. Here are some of the ways a company like Atlantic Coastal Cleaning will be able to help you out.

The Pool Inspection

The first thing that needs to be done when the heat comes back to town is to give the pool an inspection. You need to know what problems can be found with the pool before you start using it again. Many pools are out of commission for more than a few months in certain parts of the world, so it is important to see what needs to be repaired and cleaned before you take your first dip of the summer.

Cleaning the Water

The main reason that you need a company like Atlantic Coastal Cleaning is that they are more than ready to handle your pool cleaning needs. The water can get rather nasty during the winter, so you need a professional to come by and clean things up for you.

Roof Cleaning Important for Springtime in Florida!

Roof Cleaning Important for Spring
Are you getting ready for spring cleaning? When it is springtime in Florida, everyone wants to invite their friends over for a cookout to show off the beautiful backyard. However, while you are clearing leaves out of the pool and planting new flowers, do not forget to give some attention to your roof. Besides getting a clean roof, there are three main ways that contacting a Florida roof cleaning contractor will benefit you this year.

Sleep-in without birds nesting outside your window

When you look on your roof and see some debris, it can seem somewhat harmless. On the other hand, birds can find leaves and twigs in the corner of a roof hospitable for nesting. If they are a protected species, this means that you can spend much of the year listening to the mother and the little ones prattle outside your bedroom window while you are trying to sleep-in on the weekend. Obviously, having the roof cleared of organic matter means many birds will fly past without giving your home a second look.

Finding problems before they cost you

Have you ever had a leak in your roof that turned out to be a much bigger problem than anyone expected? If you have been burned in the past, chances are that you want someone to reassure you on an annual basis that there are no potential roofing disasters hiding in plain sight. While you are getting your roof cleaned for springtime by a local Florida contractor, you can also have them check for any loose shingles or other issues.

Giving your roof a fungus-free look

Do you have a Spanish tile roof or one with a lot of detail? If you have a glamorous looking roof, nothing gives it a breath of fresh air like having it professionally cleaned. In addition to removing leaves, a roof cleaning team can also clean off any moss or fungus to make your home sparkle for the rest of the year. As friends visit or neighbors drive by, your home will be sitting pretty and you will be happy that you made roof cleaning part of your yearly springtime routine.

Spring Cleaning!

Anticipating Spring

Spring is Vastly Approaching

Spring is usually a time when everyone has the opportunity to clean their home after those harsh winter conditions have passed. One of the first steps that you might want to take is power washing your home. You are able to remove dirt, grime and mildew from the surface of your home. However, with the proper power-washing tools, you are certain to accomplish much more than just removing dirt and grime, such as giving your home that beautiful, clean shine.

The Effects of bad Weather

No matter where you live, your home is at risk by the effects of bad weather, which can include blizzards, torrential rain, destructive winds and foggy conditions. Within time, these types of weather conditions can deteriorate the overall layout of your home. Nashville, Tenn. is a great example where weather conditions can vary from time to time. The Nashville area can go through extreme winter weather or through strong tornado seasons. A power wash can help homeowners get rid of the weather elements left behind on their home’s surface.

Increasing the Value of Your Home

Another benefit you can get from power washing your home is increasing the value of your home. Anyone who is interested in buying your home will see how clean it is. Moreover, your friends and family will also be impressed each time they go over. Simply by spending a few minutes each week, you are certain to make a big difference.

A Healthier Environment

Although you might find many reasons on why using a spring power wash is beneficial for your home, you won’t find a reason as important as a healthy environment. Algae contamination is the biggest factor that can cause health problems in warm, humid weather. Spring power washing your home can remove the types of bacteria that can form algae and other harmful elements that can be hazardous to your health.

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