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Need A New Roof? Not Necessarily

Your Roof Doesn't Have To Look Like This

Over time, asphalt shingle and barrel tile roofing can very easily become stained and streaked thanks to mold and mildew, as well as algae growth that are results from the sub-tropical climate that Jacksonville, Florida provides. This can easily be taken care of thanks to a specialized treatment offered by Atlantic Coastal Cleaning called No Pressure Roof Cleaning.

What Causes Mildew and Algae Growth to My Roof?
The main cause of mildew, mold, and algae growth is moisture. In Jacksonville, Florida there is plenty of that to go around. Thanks to Jacksonville’s climate, mildew and mold are commonly found on most types¬†of roofs. If left alone and untreated, the molds and algae can become detrimental to the integrity of your roof, which will cause the need to
re-roof your home. Having the No Pressure Roof Cleaning done to your roof regularly will save you money, as well as time.

What Can Be Done About It?
Re-roofing your home is not the only option you have if these stains and streaks have appeared. Here at Atlantic Coastal Cleaning, we specialize in what is called No Pressure Roof Cleaning. We use a manufacturer approved cleaning method that uses an exceptional cleaner that breaks apart and dissolves the unsightly streaks and stains that the mildew and mold have left on your roof. Having your roof cleaned is a cost
effective way to have a brand new roof, without the extreme hole in your wallet. Act now and call Atlantic Coastal Cleaning today!

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