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Practical Benefits of Pressure Washing Your Jacksonville FL Home

Somebody once asked, if it is always warm in Florida how can you tell when it is summer and when it isn’t? The answer was simple, in the summer it rains – nonstop! Here in Jacksonville, FL and indeed all of Florida the rainy season has officially begun. During this stretch of time it is not uncommon have rainfall in the amounts of 6 inches in a week, that’s a lot of water! Pressure Washing Your Home And DrivewayCombine that all that water with high average daily temperatures, high salt content and other minerals in the air, and warm humid nights and you get a perfect environment for the breeding of mold and fungi. Why bring this up? Because these invaders love to attach themselves to various parts of your home’s exterior surfaces!

Guess Who’s Coming For Dinner

In Florida in general (Jacksonville is not exception) mold grows at a phenomenal pace. If left to grow unchecked mold can cover an entire deck, driveway or sidewalk in a matter of months! There is nothing inviting about a lovely concrete driveway tinted green from mold and fungi, but what is worse every time a homeowner or guest walks on these surfaces they bring spores from these unwelcomed visitors into their home! Needless to say this can cause a serious health risk to adults, children and even pets! Having your home pressure washed is a practical and economic way to evict these would-be roommates before they lay siege to your property. Pressure washing the exterior of your home cleans deep below the surface washing away even the most stubborn types of molds and fungi from your driveway, fencing or even your home itself.

Wash, Rinse, Repeat

The rainy season extends deep into the year, meaning your home will be under repeated assault from wind, rain, heat and mineral deposits. Besides the health considerations already discussed, these elements can actually contribute to the rapid breakdown of your home’s building materials. This could case expensive repairs! For this reason it is wise to have your home pressure washed more than once during the rainy season. This prevents the buildup of mold, mildew and fungi as well as removes mud, grime and dirt that can buildup on your home due to high winds and rain. Having your Jacksonville FL home pressure washed will not only give your home the curb appeal that you can be proud of, it will also provide many practical benefits for you and your family. Call or contact Atlantic Coastal Cleaning today for your free estimate! (904) 207-2358

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