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Protecting Your Brick Pavers

Here in Jacksonville FL brick pavers are a popular way to add some color to your home. Some people surround their pools with brick pavers while others create walkways, patios or even whole driveways that look like works of art thanks to the designs possible with brick pavers. Brick Paver Cleaning Jacksonville FLBrick pavers are durable in that they age well and their color holds up to the elements really well, making them an addition that never goes out of style. While brick pavers require very little maintenance one thing that should not be skipped is an annual cleaning and sealing.

Cleaning And Sealing Your Brick Pavers

While brick pavers are a very durable material, because of the function that they serve dirt will accumulate on the surface of brick pavers. Along with the dirt, the rainfall here in Jacksonville FL can promote the growth of weeds, algae and mold which can make the surface of your brick pavers very slippery as well as unsightly. Annual brick paver cleaning will remove all of these contaminants and restore the deep rich color that your pavers had in the beginning. Once cleaned, sealing brick pavers can then lock in that clean appearance by creating a barrier between the pavers and the elements.

Jacksonville’s Certified Brick Paver Cleaning Service

For years, Atlantic Coastal Cleaning has been revitalizing brick pavers in Jacksonville and all across Duval County & St. Johns Counties. With our certified brick paver cleaning and sealing service we can restore the rich, natural beauty of your brick driveway or patio. Our service safely and effectively removes the ugly buildup of dirt, grime, algae, weeds, mold and mildew that dulls and fades brick pavers and our sealing services locks in that rich new look, restoring beauty and protecting your home’s brick pavers from contaminants! Call or contact us today to request your free brick paver and sealing estimate! (904) 207-2358

Residential Pressure Washing Services in Jacksonville FL:

  • Low Pressure House Washing
  • Roof Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning
  • Brick Paver Cleaning
  • Screened Enclosure Cleaning
  • Deck & Fence Restoration


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