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Roof Cleaning In Jacksonville FL

There is a growing problem that homeowners in Jacksonville FL are facing. A good quality roof should typically last anywhere from 25 to 30 years, maybe a bit longer with some good maintenance. However here in Jacksonville FL many of the roofs are in need of major repairs or even replacement after only 15 years! Why are so many roofs lasting only half of their expected lifespan?

Big Problem In A Small Package

Your Roof Doesn't Have To Look Like ThisIf you have a look at your roof or the roof of your neighbor chances are you can find some area of black “streaking”. These black streaks are not minerals running down your shingles, they are actually a type of algae. While this algae has always been a nuisance to homeowners here in Jacksonville FL, it has been noted that the algae itself has become much hardier and aggressive. Staining shows up much earlier than previous years with severe outbreaks of this algae becoming common. It has also been seen that this algae seems to be settling on a greater number of roofs. To combat this problem most homeowners will hire a roof cleaner to remove the algae.

Methods Matter

There are many companies that advertise roof cleaning services. Some roof cleaners may use high pressure, chlorine bleach or harsh chemicals to remove the algae. All of these methods are potentially damaging to the surface of your roof. Whatever the reason is for the cleaning, if you’re going to have it done, it is in your best interest to know what options and methods are available and how these will affect the roofs in order to make the best choice. After all not much is gained if the roof being cleaned gets damaged.

Jacksonville’s Leader In Roof Stain & Streak Removal

Both asphalt shingle and barrel tile roofs can easily fall victim to unsightly dark streaks and stains due to algae, mold and mildew growth resulting from the unfortunate “ideal” conditions our local sub-tropical climate provides. Don’t let an UGLY ROOF ruin your home’s curb appeal for one more day! By combining our expertise in roof cleaning and specialized No Pressure Roof Cleaning method, Atlantic Coastal Cleaning is able to deliver amazing roof cleaning results with ZERO RISK of the property damage that all too often occurs with older, outdated high pressure methods. Our No Pressure Roof Cleaning method is Manufacturer Approved and will not void your roof’s warranty. Call or contact us today for your free roof evaluation and estimate today! (904) 207-2358

Our Residential Pressure Washing Services in Jacksonville FL:

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